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A preparation centre is a language academy or school that offers instruction that has been designed to take an official Cambridge Assessment English exam. Being a preparation center has a series of advantages:

– Personalized attention in the registration process for the exams.
– Facilities in the management of registrations.
– Sending certificates to your center.
– Preparation Centre certificate issued by Cambridge Assessment English.
– Access to the Preparation Centre logo to prove that you are a preparation centre.
– Access to promotional exam material: brochures, Handbooks for Teachers, posters.
– Access to the Cambridge English Preparation Centre Results Online service.
– Opportunity to move our team of examiners to your school if there are enough candidates. If they do not meet this number, candidates must go to our facilities.
– Periodic information on news related to exams and registration.
– Information about seminars for teachers and heads of studies.

You just have to contact us, we will inform you of the steps to follow and you can register on our website .

Yes, all you need to do is find your level and register for the exam session of your choice.

– Read the regulations for candidates that you will receive with the exam documentation (Summary of Regulations and Notice to Candidates).
– Check the date, time and place of the exam. You can find this information in Confirmation of Entry.
– Check the travel time to the exam venue.
– Register for the Online Results Service website with the Candidate ID and Secret Number found in your Confirmation of Entry, so you can check your exam result when available.

– Your DNI, passport or NIE, original and in force.
– Your printed Confirmation of Entry.
– Your Test Day Photo Form printed, completed and signed (only for B2, C1 and C2 levels).
– You must bring your pencil, blue or black pen, sharpener and eraser in exams on paper.
– You can bring a clear plastic water bottle without a label. Metal is not allowed.
– You cannot eat inside the classroom during the exam, but you can bring a small snack to eat during breaks.

– You must arrive 30 minutes before the start of the exam and wait at the entrance of the venue or exam venue. We will notify you to enter.
– Once inside the classroom you must leave your belongings where the classroom guard or supervisor instructs you.
– You have to look for your table, it is indicated with your name and your candidate number. On the table you must deposit your DNI, passport or NIE and your Confirmation of Entry. The invigilator will verify your identity.
– The use of mobile phones, watches and electronic devices (laptops, touch screens, etc.) during the exam and breaks is prohibited.
– When you enter the classroom you must turn off your mobile phone and remove the alarm.
– You must hand in your mobile phone and electronic devices to the classroom guard and they will be returned to you at the end of the exam. They recommend that you do not bring them that day. Refusing to hand over your mobile phone will result in automatic disqualification.

– Stop writing when the invigilator says so on paper.
– Deliver all sheets of paper on the table.
– You must remain seated at the table until the invigilator says you can leave the classroom.

– You must arrive 10 minutes before the assigned time.
– You must bring your DNI, passport or NIE, original and in force, and your printed Confirmation of Entry.
– You must bring your Test Day Photo Form filled in as we will take a photo before the exam.
– Hand over your electronic devices and belongings to test centre staff.

– Photographs are mandatory for security reasons at the B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency levels, so they ask you to bring the completed and signed authorisation. If you are a minor, the authorisation must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
– A2 Key, B1 Preliminary and B2 for Schools are exempt from the photo.

Once the test is over, you can ask the invigilator or supervisor. We need your email address and we will send you the certificate in PDF.

– If your name or date of birth is not correct, you must notify us as soon as possible.
– If you notice it on the day of the exam, tell the classroom invigilator.

– Register for the Online Results Service website with the Candidate ID and Secret Number found in your Confirmation of Entry, so you can check your exam result when available.
– Paper results come out approximately between 6 and 9 weeks and computer results come out between 2 and 3 weeks from the day of the exam.
– On our website we publish the date from which they are issued.
– Once your result has been issued, you can download it in a PDF, the Statement of Results, but it is not the certificate

– Cambridge English sends us certificates and we distribute them. We inform you through an email as soon as they arrive to us.
– You can come to our center to pick it up or we can send it to your home once the shipping costs have been paid.
– To collect it you must bring your ID and sign the collection record. If you cannot come, an authorized person can do so, but they must show us your ID, either in photocopy, photo or the original.
– If you want us to send it to you you must follow the instructions that you will find in the email we send you.

– There are three types of passes:
✓ Pass at grade A
✓ Pass at grade B
✓ Pass at grade C
– Pass at Grade A certifies that you have skills of a higher level than the one you have presented.
– In case you have not passed the minimum to pass the level, you will receive a certificate of a lower level if you are within the parameters.
– In this link you will find more information.

Yes, there are two stages in this process:
▪ Stage 1. Administrative review. It is checked that your exam score was scored correctly. At this stage the parts of your exam are not re-marked.
▪ Stage 2. New complete requalification of the tests except for the Speaking. To apply for Stage 2 you must have completed Stage 1.
Important! The final grade may be modified upwards or downwards as a result of requesting the review.
There is a deadline to apply, so it's best to contact us as soon as possible and we will confirm the price for Stage 1 and Stage 2.

– Computer based exams are exactly the same as paper based exams. They have the same parts, the same time and the same level of demand.
– The certificate obtained is also the same.

Cambridge English offers exams tailored to your child's abilities and knowledge: Young Learners. We, as an examination centre, organise them in our centre. To see how it works click here and contact us to know exam dates.

– Cambridge English offers actions tailored to every type of special need: visual, auditory, mobility or learning.
– They can be requested at the time of registration. You must do so with sufficient time and before the exam session registration deadline.
– You just need to contact us and send us a signed medical report, along with a brief explanation of the adaptation requested.
– More information here (information in English).

– There is no difference in terms of format, time and level of demand.
– The difference lies in the topics covered by Reading and Writing, as in the for Schools version they are adapted to the interests of younger candidates.
– The certificate does not refer to the version.

When Cambridge English considers that there has been a possible case of fraud in an exam, the malpractice process begins and the candidate does not receive the mark until Cambridge completes the investigation process.

It is a service to help institutions, universities, companies and public bodies to verify the results of an exam. For more information click here.

Cambridge certificates are recognised worldwide by a large number of universities, institutions and employers. For more information click here.

Certificates do not expire, however there may be institutions or universities that decide independently whether to accept certificates a few years after the date of obtaining them.

Cambridge does not issue duplicate certificates, so if you have lost your original certificate you can request a certification of results. To request it, you can go to our exam centre and we will inform you about the procedure and fees, or you can click here, where you will find the information in English.

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